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How to Implement a Closed Card Sort

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How to Implement a Closed Card Sort


  • Implementing a closed card sort will involve all of the same steps as the open card sort, with the addition of a set of labels which you provide for participants.  If you previously held an open card sort, these will be the labels which you discovered via your analysis.
  • Instructions will be slightly different, as you will be telling participants to assign each card to a labeled group, and may look something like this:

We are conducting research that will help us gain a better understanding of how our web site should be organized and make it easier to use.

Assign each of the items in the list on the left to one of the labeled folder groups on the right. If you think something doesn't belong, you can add it to the Misc. group. You must do the exercise in one sitting. Thank you for taking the time to participate in our study.


  • Be sure and include a label called "Misc" or something similar so that participants can place items they aren't sure about into that group.






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