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Making Recommendations - Closed

Page history last edited by Ellyssa Kroski 9 years, 5 months ago

Making Recommendations - Closed


After you have finished your analysis of the closed card sort, you should definitely have some recommendations to make based on your findings.  It may be helpful to create a final document, or introduction including both your key findings from the study as well as your recommendations and strategies.  This way, your client/supervisor/committee can then decide on the next action to take based on your findings.  Your document may look something like this:



Library Closed Card Sort


Key Findings

  • About the Library, My Account, and Programs & Services were the most effective categories.

  • The Recommended category proved relatively precise capturing 17/20 possible related items and 0 mislabeled items.

  • The Online Resources category proved to be somewhat problematic for users.

  • The Collections category proved to be the place users turned to when they didn’t know where something would/should be classified.

  • The Events category proved noticably lacking in items.

  • The Misc. category was dominated by Recommended-related articles.



  • Change the Online Resources category to something more descriptive comparative to the context of content items such as Digital Resources and test its performance in a follow-up sort.

  • Run a follow-up closed sort using the Guides category rather than Recommended and compare precision rates.

  • Unless the library expects to expand its Events-related content items, its removal as a category is recommended.

  • Use all other categories as they are.


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